Accurate Land Surveying

The surveyor is an important component of the construction stage of each and every project. Michael Surveying and Mapping P.C., establishes the foundation that reinforces precise construction, design, and cost efficient site development of each building, utility, road way or land development endeavor. Delivering our information in a timely manner ensures a precise design that addresses not only man-made and natural resources but the obstacles that can affect the cost and condition of the final product.

Below is a small portion of our extensive portfolio representing the scope and depth of our surveying experience.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

Wilsondale Apartments Project

Wilson Dale Condo project

Sentara Fitness Center Hampton, VA

Sentara Fitness Center

Boundary Surveys

British Petroleum-Amoco Oil Refinery

BP surveying Oil Refinery

City of Virginia Beach Pump Station Rehab Project

City of Virginia Beach Pump Station Rehab Project

Geodetic Control Surveys

City of Poquoson, VA

Geodetic Control Survey, Poquoson, VA

Town of Smithfield, VA

Geodetic Survey, Smithfield, VA

GIS Surveying

VA Power Electrical Distribution Project at Langley AFB


Fiber Optic Installation Project

GIS Fiber Optic Installation


Walkers Dam Rehabilitation

Walkers Dam Survey

Cape Charles Beach Profile Study

Cape Charles Beach Survey

North Hampton Storm Sewer Study

Hampton Storm Sewer Study


City of Hampton Court House Project

Topographic Hampton Court house project

HRSD Waste Water Treatment Plant
Yorktown, VA

HRSD Waste Water Treatment Plant

Industry Experience